Photographer, Ruth Solis, is a Los Angeles native who currently resides in Culver City, CA. She spent many years in Miami, FL which is where she first began to practice the art of photography.

She specializes in three areas of photography. The first is Portrait Photography. During the holidays she spends most of her time shooting family portraits. It’s important for her to develop a comfort and dependability with her clients as she has watched many families develop from newlyweds to parents. The second area is Event Photography. Ruth has over 15 years of shooting many events from small weddings to corporate events. The third specialized area is Photo Shoot Therapy. This is her personal passion project. This is for individuals who want to express themselves in an emotional artistic experience during a photo shoot.

Her goal in all areas of photography is to make her clients feel comfortable and at ease. Having clients feel at peace is part of an enjoyable experience that clients can trust.

To contact Ruth, email her at or send a direct message by going to the “Contacts” tab.


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